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Recent Updates:

  • Chump Car Race at VIR - Easter Weekend 2013
  • Miscellaneous Stewie and Lexi Pictures Album Added
  • Stewie and Lexi - First Bath on May 28th, 2012

YouTube Videos of Stewie and Lexi

These are videos of Stewie and Lexi that I uploaded to YouTube. You can click the link here to view the video on YouTube.

Movie Album

The Movie Album portion of the website is operational. The color scheme is set to match the Photo Album portion of the website and will not be updated to match the new grunge look.

  • 3 New Videos from Canyons 2013 Trip
    1. Larry and Cathy on Ungroomed Trail
    2. Larry Snowboarding a Blue Square
    3. Everyone on the First Time Run at Canyons
  • Foxy Being Cute in Bed Wearing a Blanket
  • First Time Snowboarding at Whitetail New Years Eve Day, 2010